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What is the value of using Old Pueblo Acupuncture?   Where many doctors and other practitioners fail, we take the time to get to know you, your needs, and health and wellness history to create a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to optimize your recovery towards health and wellness.  We do this by utilizing a time tested holistic medicine.

At Old Pueblo Acupuncture our goal is to change the ideas, attitudes, and acceptance of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Tucson.  We do this by gaining satisfied customers that experience positive life changes that permeate into all aspects of their lives.  More and more people are using it as their healthcare of choice.  It is safe, effective, and an excellent part of the path to health and wellness.  We fill a gap in Tucson.  We offer a personalized treatment strategy that retains the one-on-one attention that people want in their healthcare. Make the smart investment in your health and well-being and choose Old Pueblo Acupuncture.

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Our Staff:

Sena Kimbrell L.Ac.

Matthew Woolsey L.Ac.

Shoshana Sadow M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Sena Kimbrell L.Ac.

Sena Kimbrell Acupuncturist Tucson, Health and Wellness Tucson and Green Valley, AZSena holds a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ASAOM). She is licensed by the state of Arizona to practice acupuncture. The degree required extensive training in acupuncture and Chinese herbs in a clinical and didactic setting.  While in the student clinic, she held the distinction of being the most in-demand student intern at the school because of her skill and her patient care.  Her kindness and understanding have followed her into her professional life.

Sena has the rare honor of recognition by two women’s organizations: Soroptimist International of Desert Tucson (SIDT) and the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO).  She is recognized by the SIDT for her dedication and perseverance of being a single mother, caregiver, and student.  Any one of these roles is a full time job. They recognized her as an outstanding and inspiring woman in the community and granted her scholarships to help pay for her education and maintain her ability as a provider as she worked towards her long term goals. She eventually became one of the highlighted women for the Soroptimist International Live Your Dream campaign; it was designed to inspire women to live their dream even when faced with undue and overwhelming hardships.  She was the focus of a four part series.  See links to the videos below.

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The PEO recognized Sena for her tenacity and hard work as well.  They helped her with her long-term goals of becoming an acupuncturist.  They granted her a scholarship for her dedication of working towards a career in the alternative healthcare field.  The scholarship underscored here desire to be able to one-day give back to the community.  Now she is doing just that.

Sena exudes joy and a light-hearted attitude in her work.  Aided by deep wisdom and personal experience, her insight gets to the root of difficult problems.    Her wisdom and insight comes from navigating challenging circumstances nearly all of her life.  Because of this, she is good at meeting people “where they’re at.” She quickly gains trust and confidence, because people recognize that she speaks from experience.  She finds this puts them at ease and greatly aids her clinical outcomes.

“I am from Flagstaff, AZ.  My family has been in Arizona for four generations.  My grandfather was well known and respected in Flag because of his skill and work ethic.  He was a rancher, mechanic, welder, machinist, road builder, truck driver, and all-around good guy.  He and my grandma raised me.  It was his work ethic that I adopted and carried through the many rough years that lay ahead.

I was born two months premature.  My mom, who was RH Factor positive, hemorrhaged and was flown to St Josephs hospital here in Tucson.  It was the only hospital in the state capable of handling premies like me.  I was one of the first babies to survive this circumstance before the invention of the RhoGam shot.  I was dubbed a “Miracle Baby” by the local paper. I had 7 blood transfusions and put on oxygen, because my organs weren’t fully functioning.  The intensity of the treatment permanently damaged my right eye; I am blind in that eye. My immune system didn’t develop properly either.  Due to this rough start, I was chronically, and sometimes severely, ill as a child with repeated bouts of strep throat, pneumonia and bronchitis. It never slowed me down though because I was full of life.

My grandparents raised me because of the nature of my parents’ relationship at the time.  My grandma was my guardian angel.  Truly, I would not be alive if it wasn’t for her love and dedication to me.  She protected me from others and myself (imagine a sickly, yet hyperactive and partially blind child running around), but she also encouraged me to grow and try new things.  It turned out that after putting me in many different types of activities, I took to water like fish.  I swam competitively from age 4 to 15.  My swimming career was cut short due to a shoulder injury, but I was well on my way to National level competitions.  My specialty was the backstroke and freestyle. Even though I was swimming well and seemingly doing okay I was still chronically ill. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was at this time that I began to look towards alternative health.  This led me to my lifelong path of health and wellness.  One of my first experiences in alternative medicine was Navajo Medicine.

The next few years I finished high school and split my time between my mother’s house and my friends’ houses near the Navajo Indian Reservation.  One of my best friends father was (and still is) a Navajo medicine man.  Every time I would stay at their house, he would teach me something new about medicine and my own health.  Over the course of a few years this contributed to my desire to pursue alternative medicine.

As many women do in situations of poverty, I got involved in a relationship that ended with a baby and abuse.  I loved my boy, but not the relationship.  I finally got up the courage and left him and fled to Tucson in 2001 to better my life.  It was here that I started school at the community college.  That same year my grandparents moved to Tucson, because my grandma’s health started to go downhill and there wasn’t anyone else to help them.  Within the year, I stepped in as their caretaker.  They weren’t capable of handling bills, going to the store or doctors appointments, or much else.  They were in their eighties at this point.  There I was: a caregiver, single mother, full-time student, and working two part-time jobs!

The next twelve years were dedicated to taking care of others 24/7. When I wasn’t focused on my son or grandparents, I focused on my education and long-term goal of being an acupuncturist.  My grandmother passed peacefully at the age of 93 in 2010. I am still the loving caregiver for my 91-year-old grandfather and single mother to my now 16-year-old son.

Having this array of obstacles and experiences in my life, I feel I am very insightful and well rounded. This helps me as a practitioner in the clinic because I can be empathetic to other people’s situations.  I enjoy this medicine and helping people.”

Matthew Woolsey L.Ac.linkedin

Matthew Woolsey LAc, expert in Health and Wellness treatments, pain relief, and Chinese Medicine.Matt holds a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ASAOM). He is licensed by the state of Arizona to practice acupuncture.  He is board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  His Master’s work focused on men’s health, pain relief, and sports injuries.  Matt is also a consultant to Compass Behavioral Healthcare in Tucson.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from the University of Utah.  As an undergrad, Matt learned to see others (individuals, cultures, societies, etc) from an unbiased perspective. During his undergrad years, he enjoyed study abroad adventures including a trip to Ghana, West Africa.  In Ghana, he had the opportunity to immerse in village life and learn the indigenous style of drumming and dancing. The total immersion was very eye opening and made him truly appreciate his own roots and way of life.  His adventures in West Africa didn’t stop there. Matt volunteered for the Peace Corps in Côte d’Ivoire.  Stationed in a small village in the northern part of the country, he worked side by side with the village chief to help educate the villagers about water sanitation and personal hygiene as well as help secure clean water for their village. It too, was a humbling experience.  Truly, he learned far more than he ever taught them. These experiences are what helped him to be able to “stand in someone else’s shoes.”  The fundamental tenet of unbiased observation in Anthropology has served him well throughout his life and was the first step towards the empathy he has for his patients in the clinic.

Matt values hard work, diligence, efficiency, discipline, and compassion.  In school, he went above and beyond in his studies.  He frequently did extracurricular reading to expand his knowledge and understanding of acupuncture.  His classmates (and a few teachers!) often deferred to him for help or answers to their questions.  This drive has carried through to his professional practice as he is constantly learning more and refining his skill through Continuing Education courses and reaching out and studying with renowned and respected professionals in the field.  He is committed to his patients’ well being.

“My passion for and relationship to acupuncture comes from my own experience.  I played hard. I worked hard.  Besides playing competitive level Ultimate Frisbee, and being an avid rock climber, I worked for over ten years as a landscaper.  I’m talking new installations with custom patios, water features, decks, sprinklers, retaining walls, and whatever else you could imagine.  It was hard work: digging, moving boulders, setting bricks and blocks, bending over, and always on my feet.  Because of the labor-intensive work, I had pain: tendonitis in my elbow, and constant back aching and pain, not to mention ringing and pressure in my ears.  These pains held me back on my days off of work.  My regular doctors proved to be dismissive and of little help only offering pills or shots.  In short, they had no answers or solutions that I found appropriate.  That is when I decided to try out acupuncture.  I had always been curious about it, but had never used it.  It was awesome!  I got relief immediately and after just a few sessions, I was feeling great.  I owe a lot to my first acupuncturist, because it was during my own course of treatment and a suggestion from him that I realized acupuncture was my calling. I knew it was what I had always wanted to do and I just hadn’t discovered it yet.  Funny how that works, huh?  I went for it and didn’t look back.

I almost immediately packed up my house and left my hometown of Salt Lake City, UT.  I moved to Tucson, AZ and started school and have loved being here ever since.  I went to school with two goals in mind.  First and foremost was to become the best acupuncturist I could be, and second, was to open a clinic where I could offer affordable first-rate service.  This is where Old Pueblo Acupuncture, PLLC comes in.  My partner Sena and I are both committed to providing the most tailored and comprehensive treatment plan to meet your health concern.”

Shoshana Sadow M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Shoshana has recently relocated to Tucson and is honored to join the provider team of Old Pueblo Acupuncture in the fall of 2017. She is the former director of Acupuncture Sports Medicine in Anchorage and Homer, Alaska and is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatments for structural and musculoskeletal disorders. Her clinical knowledge and expertise have helped countless individuals break the pain and inflammation cycle to restore function and recover from acute and chronic injury.

While Shoshana’s specialty is in drug-free pain relief, her clinical approach focuses on treating the whole person, including digestive issues, respiratory symptoms, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, insomnia and stress relief. Shoshana is a natural-born educator, an effective acupuncture provider and her clients have greatly benefited from her 27 years of integrative clinical experience.

Shoshana earned her Master of Acupuncture degree from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, Washington in 1990. She completed her post-graduate clinical training at the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital in Mainland China. She is the former director of Centro Integral de Salud in Oaxaca, Mexico (2001-2010) and is a fluent bilingual healthcare provider.

Shoshana is a licensed acupuncturist in the States of Arizona & Alaska and is a Diplomat of Acupuncture with the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine, (NCCAOM). She is a pain-relief expert, micro-current specialist, integrative health educator and a passionate wellness coach. She is dedicated to helping her clients find solutions to their underlying causes of imbalance while empowering them to regain their optimal and functional health.

Shoshana has traveled extensively during her career providing acupuncture and health services to diverse populations. Her professional and educational work has taken her throughout remote corners of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, India, Taiwan, China, Mexico and South America. She looks forward to serving your health care needs at Old Pueblo Acupuncture in Tucson!

When not in the clinic, Shoshana is often found on horseback or on-foot in either North or South America. On the sidelines, she is a lifelong yoga practitioner and has an endless passion for all things culinary.