Thank You Tim Blee!

We are so honored…


It has been one year since Old Pueblo Acupuncture officially took over the practice of esteemed Tucson acupuncturist Tim Blee.  Mr. Blee has gained a large following because of his great intuition, wisdom, and personal experience in caring for his patients.  They love him and were very sad to see him go.  He had an equally hard time leaving his practice behind, in part, because he wanted to make sure his patients were well taken care after he left.  He needed somewhere he could trust to send his patients.

He found that trust in Old Pueblo Acupuncture.  This referral continues to this day.  We are proud to say that Mr. Blee continues to trust and refer us one year later because of the overwhelming feedback he gets from his former patients. 

Thank you, Tim.  We appreciate so much that you trust in our knowledge and care to step in where you left off.  It means so much to us that we are your first thought when someone calls you looking for help and relief.